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Grow Fan Engagement
and  Business Intelligence
Cross Platform
Auto Track
Fan Engagement
Integration Support
End to End
360° Fan Journey
Deep Insights
World's First Metrics CRM
Data Source Agnostic
Business Intelligence Products
Context behind
Fan Actions
Business Intelligence
Value Creating
Fantasy and Esports
We work closely with Fantasy and Esports companies to
deliver gaming focused engagement metrics ,
financial data analysis and fan valuation
Social Media Intelligence
Hyper Social Insights
Coming Soon . . .
Live Streaming and Content
Our amazing SDK tracks granular UI and content
interactions of user base and presents realtime insights in an
intuitive dashboard and CRM
Creative Data Marketing
Our data + marketing team knows what it takes to acquire ,
re-engage and monetize sports fans
Superior Support  - Insanely great outputs - Cutting edge tech
Build Advanced BI dashboards
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